A new Generation of Collectors Takes Charge

A fascinating thing happened when COVID19 freed up time for people to explore what is available. Collectors are no longer tethered to local markets and dealers. With a click they can be shopping anywhere in the world what is available for them.

Last week we worked with a couple that had furnished an apartment as quickly as possible. A better job and a few other things caused them to be be changing their home again. This time they would buy things they intended to keep and that would look good in a number of places, taking the time to find what they needed and loved.

We are very happy to report this type of client is showing up in greater numbers and seems to be glad for the hunt and the chance to see something new to them. At the moment this market is very competitive and the buyers correctly sense an opportunity.

Some quick tips. If you are buying from photos request a condition report noting restoration and replacements. These pieces are old so a repair is not necessarily a deal breaker. The more you know the better off you are. If you are making a decision from far off, painters tape or a cut out showing the actual dimensions is helpful in deciding how the piece might look in your room. This question is better to ask before hand. Find out about their return policy. If for some reason you decide to return the piece in a short period of time what expenses are involved? Most dealers can not afford to take returns after substantial time has passed. They may have reinvested your money in other inventory or paid bills. While we have always encouraged people to buy what the love we have discouraged the thought of seeing these purchases as investments. This market is like jewelry, unless you have the very best you are unlikely to see significant appreciation.

We saw a wonderful collection this weekend that had followed this woman around the world. I believe coming home to her pile of treasure was always reassuring. Now some of her treasure might move on to a new guardian. Antiques are not valuable because they are old, they are old because they have been valued and cared for. Happy Hunting.



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