Angels, Apsaras and Other Rare Creatures.

Yesterday I woke to unexpected news. One of my hero’s found a present in our catalog and would be seeing me. Our relationship goes back a few decades. A large and rare collection of theoretically valuable objects dropped into our lives. After a few well placed phone calls I had an appointment with one of the worlds leading curators and experts for this material. Everything about her defied stereotypes. Far from the blustering bully routine was a person quite happy to spend the time it took and willing to help me learn a small amount and that has helped me since. I have had a chance to call on her a number of times. I have enjoyed some wonderful laughs. My favorite involves a relatively rare example of a substantial carving. The first time she saw it she would only go as far as saying that the surface looked good. A few years later she showed the “pope” for lack of a better word a photo of the work and asked his opinion. As near as I can recall he said “of course it’s real” Look at it. My god who would make such an ugly fake”.

I claim only a professional relationship. She is very accomplished & amused. We send our very best wishes your way and hope that we will all find ourselves accomplished and amused.



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