Bill Blass, High Fashion Designer & Accomplished Collector

Certainly it is fair if you wonder why an antiques dealer is writing about Bill Blass, one of the leading high fashion designers in the USA during the mid to late 20th century. Interesting enough is that he was an accomplished collector of 18th century furniture, classical antiquities and orchids. His collection was sold during one of our financial panics. It drew record prices, which we all took as a sign of spring. Maybe, we thought, the antiques trade would continue. The catalog is a treasure if you like great objects and ancient history and it is not too hard to find.

For a number of reasons too complicated to explain, for years the high point of our local society was a “Save The Lake” Tahoe benefit featuring Bill Blass. A well-healed and jeweled audience would gather at a grand estate and raise money for this charity. Good fortune brings us a selection of the designers’ working drawings that he has signed. He is remembered for many things. His clients liked the comfort, simplicity and elegance of his work. He is also credited with being the first to create looks that easily went from daywear to great evening wear. The confidence and strength of his concepts are revealed in these drawings. If you would like to own a bit of American fashion history we can help. We currently have a significant number of framed and signed original sketches by the designer. Follow the link below and please feel free to ask us any questions about the pieces.

Happy hunting!

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