Censorship in the not so polite or educated West

It is hard to point at the moment when the hall monitors took over. I believe the “type” is a universally understood cliche. Usually awkward and less than attractive these decidedly odd people like these positions because for no apparent reason they end up with something like power.

Today I learned my 300 year old French confessional along with a Picasso Screen and a handful of photographs that you might find in a museum where not consistent with Facebooks community policy. I will be the first to admit Picasso is often challenging but I do not know any well educated person willing to look so ignorant. The confessional remains a mystery as to its possible offense. Lord knows there is plenty about Catholicism that is problematic but again I mistakenly believed the furniture was probably not controversial. A handful of photographs by famous artist seemed a safe enough bet. You could see most of them in museums but again I mistakenly assumed some cultural awareness and intelligence. This would be funny except that this censorship is becoming common and it is done by idiots or perhaps some artificial intelligence. This is not consistent with our founding principles or freedom in general. I have this awful feeling we have been sold to China.

Zuckerberg did an obscene thing by trying to buy Biden the presidency with four hundred million dollars. He deserves nothing but scorn and contempt. An app to rate the attractiveness of his classmates has become this monster called facebook. Today I suggest we think of it as fascist book. Given his horrific looks it is even stranger. Can someone please put this freak in jail before he ruins the world. (joke, not really)



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