Creative genius

I am approaching the “beyond” mature part of my career. I thought I would share a few observations that have been hard won through circumstance and experience.

Creative Genius is probably the closest thing we have to magic. These people are able see the world in a new way and add to it for all of us. Whether it is Alice Waters and the bounty she offers or the many brilliant people that help us live comfortably, beautifully and pleasurably. A great chair and a great bed will change your life. An amazing painting is like a friend over time you get to know it and love it better. A wonderful book can be a world for you to visit, a source of mental gymnastics or insight /wisdom. The people that bring us these treasures tend to share qualities. Generally they are uninterested in attention and do what they do so well because they want and love to. It is one of life’s great jokes that usually the person taking the bows probably has not done the work. Of course this is not always true. They tend to be curious and enjoy life’s bounty. They like books, art, jewels, their homes etc. The most obvious tell is the surprise or the unexpected in their work. They usually are not too interested in appearance but love beauty. Often they are story tellers and dreamers. They make exceptional friends.



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