Good old fashioned Magic

Through a series of fortunate circumstances a very large crystal ball came into our lives. A short while latter it was on its way to London. Via shipper. My colleague decided not to proceed when he learned about the shipping costs. I was happy to return the money but it hadn’t shown up yet. The wire nearly a month later has not appeared. I retrieved the ball because I sensed something was up when the shipper sent me a letter insuring the piece at the minimum. Of course the ball had been dropped and fairly badly damaged. I have photos. Today we went to move the ball and much to our surprise it had largely fallen back together if that makes any sense.

Evidently some crystals do this and the size and age of this piece produced a magic healing of sorts. There are still some scratches but the deeper and larger problems appear for now to be mended.

This world is full of unexpected and sometimes happy unexplainable events. Of course I prefer these pleasant ones without upset but we take what we get. The crystal ball is full with what seem to be clear rivers and when it was sold it was not so round. Now it seems more round and the rivers that disappeared after the fall are back. I have no trouble imagining this sphere will have more surprises for me as it seems very nearly alive. For now I am happy with my relatively undamaged crystal ball. Happy Hunting

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