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2 min readFeb 28, 2022

May you live in interesting times…….

We are very pleased to introduce our new art director Jon W. Hite. You might have noticed the new and greatly improved Instagram feed. More changes are coming with his help.

We hope to have our new warehouse open on Bryant in a few weeks.

It is obvious. that general furnishing trends continue to change. We notice people using more and better artwork in their homes. We are also seeing a revival in the use of smaller antique pieces and the return the return of the collector (Thank You!). Designers can use antiques, avoid the lead times and return them to the vendor if the client does not like the piece.

Generally designers and high end furnishings are used by wealthier clients. The amount of information available has made the new collector more informed and comfortable with their decisions.

Buying in the current market: Amazing and amazingly ugly furniture continues to be made in large quantities.

If you are considering collecting a couple of tips are helpful.

Almost all styles went through later revivals. A piece could be over 100 years old and still a copy.

Try to find pieces that where made before 1840. At this point the industrial revolution made manufacture less expensive. Pieces made earlier where probably made to order by craftsmen. Hand cut dovetails and solid wood are expected.

The wood used in early pieces was from older and larger trees that had the most beautiful figuring (patterns) in the wood. Often the hand cut veneers and best woods where sourced in the NewWorld or Asia.

An old copy will probably be higher quality than the new copy. The original piece made when the style first became popular will always be best. Dealers and collectors generally like to share information, ask questions. Buy the best you can and enjoy it.

Amazing things are coming on to the market. Train your eyes and enjoy the hunt. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with ordinary extraordinary is. preferred.

Antique and Art Exchange

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