The 900 lb uninvited guest.

Like it or not we are all subject to what I like to call big Mother. Far from the meritocracy we where pitched it has become an electronic gangster collecting money from sellers and buyers alike. One of these behemoths has decided to literally cut out the vender. They ruined a decent grocery that had above average quality and an interesting vibe. God alone knows what is next.

Two very important facts come to mind. An ecosystem dependent on a few large venders is inevitably more fragile. Diversity is lost in the scramble for efficiency. The wonderful pasta shop or the extraordinary bakery is the last place you would expect will not survive or be replaced. It is hard skilled work. Understandably the young look elsewhere for now. Second It is not clear to me which century this happened but a holy man suggested a flame burn continually in the homes in India. At that point I am told there was plenty of forrest and wood. Today not so much at least near cities. This practice was abandoned maybe 200 years ago (a guess) Where I live mountains of cardboard and plastic arrive daily. 6 families. Covid. At this rate thank goodness the papers are history but how long can we provide the mountains of cardboard that literally everything requires.

Finally the meritocracy is toast. If you buy the cheapest you buy it often. Frankly the less expensive offerings are not so cheap lately. Mostly they do not seem to tie off the sewn seems or the thread is so poor it breaks quickly. At the heart of it is a precipitous decline in quality and the loss domestically of jobs.

We sell more or less unique objects made a while ago. At big mother the child of a competitor has risen to “power”. Evidently my specialty is global pieces which is according to big mother meaningless. I cant get this changed. My point is that what you are being shown is the result of financial interests that have nothing to do with your interests.



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