The Antique Market

The last 10 years have seen a dramatic shift in the market for antiques. Economic challenges and fundamental shifts in the way we acquire things have altered the market place. If you are an economic contrarian, now is the moment to think about collecting. Home design magazines are showing color and antiques again. Every era has a notion of beauty that is reflected in art, design and dress. This is often how we know roughly when a piece was made. Antiques were never considered to be for everyone but here is the fun part. As markets go, few are more imperfect than the decorative arts market. More precisely, if you take the time to learn, you can buy amazing treasures at bargain prices. Most sellers don’t study and prices are based on a whim. Several months ago I bought an eccentric pair of chairs probably from the 1970’s. I really did not want them but a friend needed to sell them. A smart designer picked them up for very near what I paid for them. I was very happy to be rid of them. Sometime has passed and now a similar pair is being offered for 5 figures. I don’t know when or if the chairs will ever sell for 5 figures. What I want you to consider is that treasure is out there for the taking. Finally, the core of the antiques business is pretty strong. Great objects bring great prices. Sophisticated buyers know a well made old piece will last while the overwhelming majority of new furniture is designed with a brief lifespan. There are a fair number of us that will never give up the treasure hunt.

Happy Hunting!

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Antique and Art Exchange

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